The Reckoning CD


The third Fraser Edwards album 'The Reckoning' was released Friday, August 12th on all platforms!

Available now!

The tracklist is as follows:

1. The Prophet
2. The Reckoning
3. The Haymaker
4. The Champion
5. The Ghost
6. The Clodhopper
7. The Harvest
8. The Heist
9. The Judge
10. The Viking Cowboy
11. The Adventure (Bonus Track)

The new album, The Reckoning, sees Fraser fulfill a long held ambition of releasing an instrumental guitar album. During the covid pandemic, Fraser set out to create an album of instrumental guitar music that features enough catchy melodies and craziness to hold his interest.

The Reckoning sets itself apart from most instrumental products in daring to venture boldly beyond the confines of what typifies a metal or rock album. Fearlessly taking Americana influence from country and bluegrass (including extensive use of banjo), the catchiness and vibe of Avicii-esque EDM, the liveliness of ragtime and of course Fraser's brand of melodic power metal guitar, The Reckoning embodies a refreshing and unique sonic identity.

Vocal collaborator Ricki Ascension appears on one track, the first single and music video 'The Harvest'. Drums are handled by Andrew Scott - Drummer
(King King, Paul Gilbert, I Built the Sky), who also drummed on the previous solo album The Architect.

The third full-length Fraser Edwards album, The Reckoning, was released 12th August 2022 worldwide. The album was produced and mixed by Fraser at Azura Sound in Yorkshire, England and mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios in Orebro, Sweden. Photography is by John Need Media and Artwork by Gustavo Sazes.